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Easily manage access to all your collaboration tools for your community. Your community deserves the tools that actually work.

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Supercluster Airlock is an access management platform for your community. It integrates web3 primitives with traditional web2 tooling into a simple platform where effective collaboration becomes a reality.

Easily manage your anonymous teams and cohorts

  • Define your access requirements using web3 and web2 engagement primitives.
  • Your community members will automatically get access to your tools.
  • No more doxxing.
Manage anonymous teams and cohorts

Define and automate your community’s access requirements

  • Once your access requirements are defined, access is automatically enforced by Airlock.
  • As users engage more, they will automatically gain access to additional tooling, defined by your team.
Manage anonymous teams and cohorts

Onboard your new contributors to all your tools, at once.

  • Integrate all the tools that your community or team uses.
  • When a new contributor joins, they’ll be able to easily see and access all the tools they need to get started.
Manage anonymous teams and cohorts

"We're constantly struggling with getting file access shared anonymously through web2 apps... We spend an incredible amount of time trying to manage those platforms.

The access control features from Supercluster would save our team at least 10 hours a week… Stoked that this giant issue is now being solved."

OrnellaWeb3, BanklessDAO

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We’ve built an access management platform based on engagement, not identity.

So your community can focus on building.

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